Friday I love you!

Happy Friday! It’s a dreary looking day here in Melbourne but that is no reason to be down when there are so many great possibilities for the weekend! I’m thinking about checking out this new pop up wine bar at the Windsor, this cultural hub / wine bar in Fitzroy which sounds interesting and maybe […]

Thursday so soon?

[just coz] Hey there, how’s your week travelling? It’s Thursday, hurrah! My good friend Bea over at the google year calls it the best day of the week, and I must admit when we have sparklings after work it is pretty fantastic. What will your Thursday bring? As I [semi-regularly] do today is photo Thursday, […]

Quiet time

[via] Hey there! How’s your week going? A recent blog by Leo of Zen Habits gave me pause for thought. It was all about creating space for quiet time in our day. As I read Leo’s comments about rushing, filling every spare moment with social engagements and noise I found myself nodding. He spoke about […]

Is it spring yet?

[via] Hey there, how’ve you been? I’ve been on another winter hiatus, all this cold weather has had me hibernating, taking trips to the snow, a weekend jaunt to NZ, a brief winter romance and generally keeping my head down. But watering your life waits for no man, woman or yeti and so onwards and […]

Friday party time

And it’s another Friday…woo hoo! What will you be watering this weekend? I’m off to the Mornington Peninsula for a weekend with some lovely gal’s to celebrate one of my fav’s birthday. There will be nice food, wine and company; a trip to the hot springs; hopefully a visit to the Archibald Prize and a […]

Framed Thursday [winter edition]

Hi there, how’s your weekend going, getting more sleep? My results are mixed so far. Generally I’ve been getting a bit less than the recommended 7 hours. So I’m still working my way through the steps in an attempt to get more – today it was early to rise and exercise. I definitely don’t think […]

New week reporting in

Hey people, how was your weekend? The snow weekend was a wintry delight full of laughs, adventures and some quality down-time as well. Change 25 – Let go of TV ended up being a SUCCESS! Hurray! And in all honesty, apart from a couple of habits it wasn’t too hard. I did resort to it […]

Get more sleep!

[via] So Change 26 is Get More Sleep! This is a constant challenge of mine, you too? Sleep is kind of fundamental to everything. With enough sleep things run smoothly, I’m better tempered, get to work on time, heck I’m more fun. When I don’t have it, the wheels well and truly fall off. And […]