This is happening…new post…new series…let’s see where this goes


So I haven’t been here for a while and I don’t know what the point is, where this will go, if this is the right place to be doing it BUT I’m going to give it a go! I’m going to back myself. I’m doing it for me and because I enjoy it. I’ll see where it takes me. And after all, a start is enough.

So to start – taking stock (as borrowed from pip):

19 March 2015
Making : this new blog
Cooking : nil
Drinking : lots of water and the odd beer
Reading: random bits off the internet
Wanting: a bit of career clarity
Looking: forward to getting things back on track
Playing: dare I say – hay day
Deciding: to go for the job or not to go for the job
Wishing: I had more confidence in my instincts
Enjoying: time at home, in the sun with my mum
Waiting: for something decent to come on tv
Liking: trying this again
Wondering: where this will go
Loving: being at home
Pondering: career options
Considering: going to bed
Watching: random bits of kiwi tv at midnight
Hoping: I’ll sleep well
Marvelling: at how rejuvenating a trip home is
Needing: to take a breath
Smelling: freshly showered
Wearing: trackies and white tee!
Following: a random assortment of bloggers
Noticing: I tired
Knowing: things will work out
Thinking: too much

Here goes🎈



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