Thursday so soon?

hey there whale

[just coz]

Hey there, how’s your week travelling?

It’s Thursday, hurrah! My good friend Bea over at the google year calls it the best day of the week, and I must admit when we have sparklings after work it is pretty fantastic.

What will your Thursday bring?

As I [semi-regularly] do today is photo Thursday, a snap shot from the past couple of weeks in the watering year.


Let me decipher those photo’s a little for you in no particular order:

  1. the awesome pop up patch in Melbourne! A roof top urban garden where you can rent crates to grow stuff! A great place to wander through on your lunchbreak or just hang out (and that’s free!)
  2. my very healthy airplane lunch – key elements: msg ladden noodles and beer (NZ Steinlager to be specific), Food for champions!
  3. the gnomes that live on a bend on the way up Mt Buller…we helped furnish their home with a little more snow on a recent trip
  4. a sample of the delightful buzzy bees painted on the concrete around the pop up patch


What’s your week looked like?

Meanwhile I’ve been enjoy spaces of quiet time and thinking about what work I love…no epiphanies yet but the week isn’t over yet!

See you tomorrow for some weekend watering ideas and more about doing work you love.

M x


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