Is it spring yet?



Hey there, how’ve you been? I’ve been on another winter hiatus, all this cold weather has had me hibernating, taking trips to the snow, a weekend jaunt to NZ, a brief winter romance and generally keeping my head down.

But watering your life waits for no man, woman or yeti and so onwards and upwards!

What changes have come and gone since we last spoke…it turns out quite a few [with mixed success]:

Change 28: Replace opinions with curiosity = a bit of a non-starter but *one I would like to return to*

Change 29: Read = Unintentionally Done!

Change 30: Cut out shopping = kinda

Change 31: Learn that you’re good enough = non-starter and definitely *one to come back to*

Change 32: Create = non-starter

Change 33: Eat real food = kinda

So a patchy effort on my behalf – let me know if you’re interested in more details on any of the changes and i’ll get onto that in a future post.

Meanwhile this weeks change is Change 34: Explore work you love, now that sounds like a great place to get back into the swing of things, especially with spring around the corner.

So check in later in the week for a progress report on change 34, a post on a little something called quiet time, photo Thursday and a weekend wrap up.

In the meantime here’s my favourite song….yep its still my current favourite

Nice to be seeing you again.

M x


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