New week reporting in


Hey people, how was your weekend?

The snow weekend was a wintry delight full of laughs, adventures and some quality down-time as well.

Change 25 – Let go of TV ended up being a SUCCESS! Hurray! And in all honesty, apart from a couple of habits it wasn’t too hard. I did resort to it a couple of times when I was feeling glum and to watch the rugby. But overall a success.

Though the key question – did I do more things that I want to do, i.e. read, cook, get back to my crafting? Well….kinda. Well…not so much. I did catch up on my blogging! And I did do more reading [I’m loving Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close]. But crafting and cooking a meal, not so much.

I’m thinking of setting a non-negotiable night in to do those things and to ignore my temptation and FOMO to participate in social engagements. I’ll see how I go. How do you go making time for your passions?

Meanwhile it is monday, a brand new week and a brand new change. This week we’re up to Change 26 (crikey that means half way through the year) – Get More Sleep! So tune in tomorrow for how to tackle this one.

Have a great week y’all!

M x



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