Get more sleep!



So Change 26 is Get More Sleep! This is a constant challenge of mine, you too? Sleep is kind of fundamental to everything. With enough sleep things run smoothly, I’m better tempered, get to work on time, heck I’m more fun. When I don’t have it, the wheels well and truly fall off. And while I know this,I generally don’t get enough.

So, what does Leo suggest to make this change:

1. Assess how much sleep you’re getting. If it’s less than 7 hours consider getting more sleep.

2. Take a nap. Totally not going to happen during the working week for me [though the weekends are another story].

In this case he suggests at least disconnecting from digital devices: phones, computers [again a challenge with work, but maybe some paper based reading / meetings instead for a period of time?].

3. Disconnect, go outside, take a walk, stretch [more do-able].

4. Exercise in whatever form suits you – running, walking, biking, swimming, hula hooping (though maybe not within half an hour of going to bed).

5. Get up early. [Hmmm this sounds counter-intuitive] Apparently if you shift your body clock a bit earlier it will help you feel more tired and get to sleep at the other end of the day. [I’m dubious]

6. Go to bed earlier. [not rocket science but I think the key step for me] turn off the internet, your phone, tv…it will all still be there tomorrow. Put in the time to change your habits. Reading before bed always helps me, I just need to get to bed earlier to get more than half a page in!

7. Establish a bedtime ritual to unwind. So this means turning devices off, clearing stuff up, showering or having a hot drink if that’s your thing and whatever else gets you into the sleep zone. The key is to start it an hour before bedtime so that you’re starting to slow down well before your head hits the pillow.

8. Next, focus your attention. Once you’ve done your bedtime ritual and unwound, then its time to quiet the mind if it’s still racing. If thats a struggle you could try closing your eyes and visualising your day,moment by moment from the time you woke up. The tiny details like getting up, having a shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing your teeth…..asleep yet?

Sleep is one of those things I enjoy so much [and need in order to avoid meltdowns] though find I don’t get enough. So this week I’m going to try a different step each day and see how I go getting more of it.

Good luck if you’re also trying to get more sleep. I’ll see you later in the week to report on my progress.

M x

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