Weekend watering time…snow edition



Hi there!

Friday again and so far so good with Change 25 – Let go of TV! Well I had a slip up on Wednesday night, I was feeling the winter blues and succumbed to watching my favourite sitcom online to cheer me up. But that’s only one little slip up so I’m still calling this week’s change a success so far.

And that brings me to the weekend, what are you going to be watering? I’ll be watering my sense of adventure, trying new things, a love of outdoors / mulled wine / reading books by the fire, and hanging out with my besties on a trip to the snow for the weekend.

Despite debatable [negligible] skiing / snow boarding talent, I can’t wait to give it a go.

What aspects of your life will you be watering this weekend?

See you on Monday for the final wrap up of Change 25 (I’m counting watching movies on the snow weekend as allowed) and to unveil what Change 26 has in store.

Meanwhile, here’s a few pic’s from the week that was [so far].

M x

week pics 19june13


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