Hi there!

i'm back


Well hello! It’s been a while, I’ve been on an unanticipated and unannounced hiatus. But I’m back and I apologise for skipping a few weeks.

Last time we were all about not wishing things were different and that ended up pretty successful as a change. I still trip over myself and day dream and get annoyed wishing things were different but often I catch myself and let go of my expectations things were different. The result? A bit more headspace and a bit less weight on my shoulders and a bit more reality in all its glory! So I’m calling it:

Change 23 – Don’t wish things were different = Done [and to continue]



Since then week 24 has come and gone and with it Change 24 – Clear a closet. Much in the same way Leo has encouraged clearing shelves and clearing surfaces, last week’s change was about applying those principles to the closet. My dreaded space of clothes and chaos. It’s not really that surprising I put my head in the sand and missed this change. I think there really is some weight behind that idea that physical clutter isn’t just physical clutter if you know what I mean.

head-in-sand sign


Don’t be mistaken, my closet definitely needs a clear out and the steps seem simple enough (split it into zones, for each zone take everything out and sort it into three piles: keep / throw out / maybe, each day tackle a zone) however I didn’t get there. And to be honest, those clear surfaces are looking a bit cluttered. So this is one area of change I need to pay some attention. So with that I’m calling:

Change 24 – Clear a closet = fail [but not forgotten]

Now that gets me to this week’s change – Change 25 – Let go of TV [for a week and yes that includes watching tv shows, movies and the like online]. Leo’s rationale is that so much of our time gets vaporised watching tv that could be spent on other things we really enjoy. Catching up with friends and family, reading, listening to music, creating, even exercise perhaps! So, I’m giving it a go and apart from a few habits that almost trip me up (listening to the news on tv over my breakfast) its going well so far. I’ll report back on Friday.

no tv read a book


In the meantime here’s a pic from Melbourne’s stunning [freezing] Wednesday.

How do you go with tv time [and letting go of it]?

Nice to be back.

M x

melb winter day18june13


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