Wishing Monday away?


Hey there, how was your weekend, what parts of your life did you water?

I caught up with some if my most favoured and inspirational gal pals, had a stint in the country soaking up a warm fire and a refreshing run through the forest, caught some movies and had a good ol gossip with my besties. Aren’t friends great?

I managed to keep to last weeks change – Change 22 – let go of a vice {keeping my word}. Well, kinda. I didn’t quite make book club as a dear friend was in town (though it ended up being rescheduled so I don’t think that counts). And I didn’t quite make it to rowing this morning when I said I would (too early, too cold). Hmm not over-commiting and following through on your word isn’t as straight forward as it sounds. But I’m going to continue to work on it and think about how to have flexibility and keep your word. So with that I’m calling it:

Change 22 – let go of a vice = work in progress

That takes us to change 23 on Leo’s 52 changes for 2013 and my guide for watering my side of the fence:

Change 23 – Stop wishing things were different [who me??]

More on the ins and outs of this change tomorrow. In the meantime here’s something to ponder…

don't wish do

Happy new week.

M x


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