Hello…anybody there…I’m back…


Hey there, how you been?

Well it turns out I took slightly longer than 5 minutes, wrapped up in my course last week discussing what makes a good society [just the little issues].

But the upside was I nailed Change 21 – Flow! And with the experience I’m going to try into apply it more in my work day and generally when I’m doing stuff. More single {focused} tasking.


And that brings me to this weeks change – Change 22 = Let go of a vice. Eek no wonder I’ve been avoiding this one.

home alone eek

Where to start…inconsistent exercise or my at times unhealthy food habits, no home-cooked meals, being up late, not enough sleep, impatience, I’m not going to even to go near too much wine.

wine for dinner

But what has come to mind as I reflect on my vices is one which causes me stress and isn’t good form as a friend, family member or colleague – over-promising and under-delivering, basically not living up to my word. This links to something my friend has been talking about- integrity. Following through on your word & being of upstanding character (very Aristotle-esque). Addressing this vice also requires me to take another look at my FOMO and be realistic with what I commit to.

keep your word

So with a smidgent of the week left I’m going to give it a go!

How? Well I should probably have a plan and break it down into steps though I’m not really sure where to start. I figure the first step is to stop. Breathe. And think before I open my mouth and commit to something.

think before you speak

Also I’m going to try Leo’s tips for letting go of a vice:

1. Committing fully for a week. [hmmm well I might just gloss over this one.]

2. Know your motivation and why you’re wanting to give up this vice. [Because it makes me feel bad, contributes to general stress and is not how I want to be.]

3. Know your needs and how they relate to this vice. What need is this vice filling? [see FOMO and a general issue with wanting to do everything and not wanting to let people down.]

4. Have replacement coping mechanisms such as an alternative for comfort or reward if that is the need this vice fills. [hmmm I need to think on this one.]

5.  No exceptions. Ignore all urges to do indulge in this vice. [tough but necessary]

6. Get social support. Join a forum, get a support buddy, ask for help.

7. Delay. If you have the urge to do this vice, distract yourself, take a breath, delay until the urge passes. Rinse and repeat [often].

8. If you fall, get up, and learn from your mistakes.

don't give up

9. THINK POSITIVE. Give yourself a good ‘ol dose of the can-do attitude! [ick cheesy but makes sense]

So with that I’m going to try and let this vice go. Do you have any tips for me or vices you’re tackling?

M x

new way


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