Thursday Thursday


Hey there, how are you going?

Have you fitted any play into your week? So far I’ve hummed background elevator music, tried different walks on my way to and fro the photocopier and tried to see how many people I could get to smile by smiling at them. I’m working my schedule with reminders in my phone, my imagination is still warming up though – the thought of adding play into my work day has made me realise how serious it is in the office and how variations of the standard behaviour can make you look a bit crazy. But I think there’s scope to get a bit more playful and lighten things up. Maybe I’ll try pretending my co-workers are vampires (how does one actually do that?).

count von count


Leo wrote this week about the power of a smile to bring a touch of happy to your day. Its so easy to get caught up in the tasks of your day, urgent to do’s and the distractions of being connected. Yet there is always scope to bring a bit of happy to your day, even when things are a bit crap. It’s not about being ecstatic, excited or joyous each and every second of the day [who needs that kind of pressure?]. And it’s not that we can never feel sadness or anger or stress. It’s more that we can bring a feeling of happy, in some form, to our days, even in the midst of stress or sadness.

And how? By remembering to smile. Maybe not every moment of every day, but I do think we can smile more. Even just to ourselves. Apparently the physical action of smiling releases chemicals in your brain and can fool your body into being happy, even if you’re not. [Remember it’s smiling people NOT grimacing]

So I think an extra smile here and there has merit. In line with this week’s change I think there is a fair bit if scope to bring more lightness to our days.

So I’m going to keep chucking an extra smile or two and fitting play into my day.

Meanwhile here is a snapshot of the week for framed Thursday….its been a cold and literary week with a lot of time spent studying over breakfast and after work at the beautiful state library.

🙂 M



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