Change 20 – PLAY!



Hey there!

How’s the week treating you? I’m pretty excited about this week’s Change 20 – Play! Sounds fun right? And after a few lack luster efforts with Changes of late I’m hanging for an easy win.

So Change 20 – Play is all about, well, playing. Specifically, incorporating fun, a sense of play, a sense of wonder into your daily routine. Rewinding a few decades where there was mystery, a game, a story around every corner. Nothing is boring or tedious, every task can be turned into a game or at the very least an opportunity to hum a tune!

work play bucket

[this week we’re combining those buckets]

Dubious about how do do it, well Leo recommend’s the following:

1. Pick a 10-minute spot in your workday, and mark it on your calendar as play. Actually, any activity can be play, but we often get bored with work tasks, so let’s infuse play into work.

2. During this 10-minute spot, see what you can do to turn your current work task into play. Leo has lots of ideas: sing as you do it, give yourself a challenge, give yourself points for doing different things, imagine you’re in a movie when you walk into a meeting [I particularly want to try this one, I might get my Erin Brockovich on], dance, see how fast you can do something, pretend you’re a wizard, pretend everyone around you is a vampire, call your co-workers  “Jeeves”, talk to your computer and give it a name [maybe not too loudly], do a victory dance when you finish something [this would be spectacular], pretend you’re new at whatever you’re doing and you’ve never done it before.

This change got me thinking, a song here and there, a fun game to score things at work, pretending people are vampires – completely unnecessary but perspective changing. So hopefully I don’t get committed or fired but I’m going to give it a go!

Because really, we don’t need to be so serious all the time do we?

serious face

[less of this]

playful face

[more of this]

Have a playful week y’all!

M x


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