Hey there its still kind of Monday…


[its been one of those times]

Hey there, how are you?

Now I’ve been remiss…no post Friday and a post that barely scrapes into Monday. My apologies, I could reel off the usual excuses but lets skip that and look back at how last week’s Change went and then take a sneak peak at this week’s Change.

So last week was about Change 19 – Slow Down. I had moments of slow but on the whole I didn’t go so well. Where I think I went haywire was the first hurdle – schedule.


[maybe starting May]

You may recall the steps to S-L-O-W-I-N-G down last week was:

1. Schedule

2. Disconnect

3. Do less

4. Be present

5. Breathe

I was too unstructured with my approach and jumped on in with vague intentions and Leo’s steps in mind but didn’t actually schedule a specific time in the day. I vaguely tried disconnecting, being present and doing less when I did remember at some points in the day (generally when I was getting ready for work or commuting). So it wasn’t a total fail but it wasn’t that far away from it. So I’m calling it:

Change 19 – Slow Down = FAIL (and revisit)

It’s funny as I know this would be a really good change to get into the habit of doing and would have some real benefits. Perhaps its a case of struggling with the things we need the most. So I’ll definitely add it to the revisit list and hope that it hangs about in the back of my head.

In the meantime, we are into a new week which means a new change! And Change 20 is one I think I can do, one of the steps requires scheduling so fresh after last week’s efforts (or lack thereof) I’m going to set aside 11.00 each day for this challenge and give it a go. So without further delay I present to you – Change 20 – Play! Now surely that can’t be too hard, can it?

question face actress

More details tomorrow.

M x


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