Thursday Framed


[Just cause]

Hey there, how’s your week going?

I’m trying to slow down though this weeks change is coinciding with an intense week at work, so I’m struggling a little and turning into the grouch.

I’ve generally been taking time to make a conscious effort to slow down in the mornings as I get ready and commute to work or when I get out for some fresh air at lunchtime.

Single-tasking, even by avoiding the habit to put my headphones on & listen to music as I walk, has really helped me connect with the day around me and give me a greater sense of peace.

I think the trick will be to try the slow down during the working day and when interacting with others so I’m not so distracted.

Meanwhile, I’ve caught some lovely autumn days, quirky Melbourne street art and my friend Bea is as inspiring as ever and has signed up to live below the line – surviving on only $2 a day. How would you go feeding yourself for a week on only $10? It seems impossible doesn’t it, though its a reality for so many.

So with that here is my week in frame.

See you tomorrow for a change update.

M x



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