Clearing the way



So you may recall this week is Change 18 – Clear a counter. When I first saw the title of this change I thought it was about a deeper level of clearing some mental or emotional baggage.

I guess my mind went there as I’ve been burning the candle a bit again of late and am feeling like I’m on the hamster wheel to nowhere…have lost a bit of my watering year mojo…losing sight of where I’m heading and what I want to do. Yep it’s first world problems round here folks.


It could be a crisis of confidence, change of season or just good old fashion burn-out.


Whatever is going on I thought it was time to revisit an earlier (pre-blog) change, specifically Change 5 – Identify your essentials. It is about reflecting on what is really important to you and thinking about how much space you make to do those things.

This change immediately appealed to me as I have always felt like I haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of what it is that is really important to me, what drives me. Some might say that is life’s journey. And while I think I know aspects, I feel it is still just out if reach on the edge if my consciousness. And damn it I want the answers.


But it’s not that easy is it? Things change, you change, hopefully we evolve and so does our perspective on the world and our place in it.

Leo’s steps to help with this one were to start on day one by listing all the things you do in your life and all the things you wished you did. Then on day two you pick out the 4 – 5 that are most important to you, that you love to do the most, they’re your essentials. The other days are to look at what on your essential list you do and those you don’t, then thinking about how you can re-jig things to spend more moments on those essentials.


How did I go the first time around? Well I struggled to narrow down to the essentials and worried if I’d gotten it quite right. But really it doesn’t matter does it, the value is in going through the process and moving towards a better sense of what us important to you.

When I revisited those essentials this week they still rang true and I had a clearer perspective to combine some and get closer to the essence of those essentials.

What did I come up with, for me, for now:

Outdoor activity preferably water based

Connecting with people

Connecting with me

Making & Creating


I figure if I spend some time most weeks in those areas I can’t be doing too bad and I’m on the way to living my ‘essentials’. Particularly if I’m doing it in the spirit of my commandments, with curiosity, adventure, openness and with courage. And when I worry that I might not be spending time on what matters, I need to take a breath and trust myself. We all do. Trust ourselves that we get to the important stuff when we need to.


And with that I feel I’ve cleared some headspace.

How are your internal counters looking?

Happy hump day!

M x



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