Hello new week

don't be afraid of change


How are you all going? It’s a new week and, in the spirit of the watering year, a new change!

This is week 18, crikey 18! Change 18 is – Clear the counters!

At first when I read that I thought it was referring to clearing the metaphorical counters of your mental or emotional space. Turns out I was getting way ahead of myself and it is as practical as it sounds – clearing a counter or two. Now the use of ‘counter’ is quite an american term so that threw me as well, so it is about clearing a surface or two basically.


[looks familiar]

Which when you think about it can bring a deeper sense of calm and reduced mental clutter I reckon. Leo back’s me up referring to the peace that comes from a decluttered space. He reasons that ‘counters’ are a large part of our living spaces and having clear counters is a nice way to make your home feel clear and enjoyable. I’m with him on that.


[this is where I’m headed]

So what does Leo recommend for this change. A few simple steps and a new habit of course!

>Starting with picking one counter to start with. Clear it off, take everything off, and put everything on the ground in one big pile and get two boxes for sorting. {That part I think I can do no problems}

>Then go through the pile of stuff one item at a time. The rule is you can’t skip an item or put it back. Make a quick decision on the item – you have three choices – 1. keep – only if you love it or use it often 2. donate or rubbish – dispose of these things as soon as possible 3. the maybe box – where you absolutely can’t bear to part with something you don’t need or use. Try not to use the maybe box unless you are truly stuck on an item. {hmmmm this is going to be tough}

oprah cluttered-piles

[it must be good if Oprah is doing it]

> put the keep items back on the counter or in a better place. Wherever you put them back is important as it’s the items new home & you should always put the item back in that home when you’re done using it {sounds like toddler teaching stuff here, but strangely I’m not so sure I’m that great at following it}.

organised tool_wall

[of course it was marthastewart.com getting this organised]

And here’s the new habit – be very conscious for the rest of the week about putting items only in their homes – so instead of just dumping something on the bench / desk / sideboard / chair / towering pile, find a spot for it. As by getting in the habit of put things back rather than randomly chucking things all over the shop you’ll always keep the counter clear. So simple but so true!

book tower

[I don’t think that’s their home]

And remember we only started with one counter so if you have time, do another or just stand back and bask in the self-satisfaction of a clear and sorted surface!

Before I get too evangelical on this one, I do have a confession. Change 7 was clearing a shelf…and I didn’t quite get to it so I’m feeling a touch behind on the whole clearing clutter effort and a bit guilty. But I’m seeing it as  a good opportunity to give it a go. For me the trick will be making the time to do this and just starting with one shelf / surface / pile. As we know, I tend to do this:


But I’m going to try and have set aside Sunday to do so as it just isn’t going to happen before then. I’m a bit excited about it in a weird clutter-geek kind of way. We’ll see how I go, I’ll spend the week thinking about exactly which surface to start with – I’m thinking my desk at home has some towering piles that need tackling – similarly the half unpacked boxes of books lurking in the corner of my room. There’s definitely a number of candidates.

Any clearing for you this week?

M x


2 thoughts on “Hello new week

  1. This is a great idea! And something I really need to do too – it’s amazing the difference a clear space can make to your state of mind. I’m so much calmer and focused with clean counters. Thanks M!

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