Friday Friday

monkey weekend

It’s that time already, a short week sure does make time fly. This week we were on Change 17 – Gratitude! And I was going to practice my gratitude as well as reframing a negative into a positive.

How did I go? Pretty well…and trying the reframing really did give me another perspective on a particular negative experience or event. I still think it is important to give space to sit with and express negative things, but practicing reframing just one of the negatives when you’re doing your daily ‘gratitudes’ has its place as well.

I’ve still got a few days in the week to keep practicing the gratitude and I want to keep it as part of a daily ritual, in the meantime however I’m calling this one:

Change 17 – Gratitude = done & keep

Meanwhile, what’s watering for the weekend? Excitingly my mum is flying into town, so it’s about family for me and getting out and about in Melbourne.


I’m thinking about checking out the final hurrah for the awesome peoples market, perhaps a lazy picnic in the delightful abbotsford convent, maybe surprising mum with a visit to guru dudu and maybe a bike ride or jog along the river could be in order as well.


How about you?

See you next week for Change 18 and more watering fun!

M x


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