Reporting in for (late) duty


[this is me this week]

Hello old friends, how are you? I’ve been remiss at writing to you of late and I am very sorry. I’ve had a case of the lurgy, a big weekend, and did I say the lurgy?

dreaded lurgy

[I could have done with some of this lurgy antidote]

But watering waits for no-one, didn’t someone once say something along the lines of…life is what happens when you’re waiting for ¬†something else….


[…i was close…]

And in that vein lets discuss Change 17 – Gratitude!

Taking time to be grateful for what we have in our lives is meant to help us feel better about the day to day, give us perspective and find contentment. For week 17 Leo suggests taking two minutes out of your day at the start or end to think of the things you are grateful for, reminding yourself of the positive and important things in your life.

This tip gets bandied about a lot, when I was going through a particularly tough time someone recommended I start a gratitude journal and write down 5 things I was grateful for everyday. Which I do more or less most days now & it does help give some perspective, remind me of all the awesome things in my life as well as actually remember what went on for the day!

hello my name is grateful


Leo adds a bit more by also suggesting spending a bit of time thinking about something you saw as negative and reframing it…had a bad day at work….be grateful for having a job…be grateful for having challenges and becoming a stronger person….

Ick that last bit sounds a bit trite to me and kind of got my hackles up a bit. I think positivity can be overdone & it is important to name and verbalise when crappy things happen. It helps your process and validate the experience to then hopefully move on. However, yes, there are two sides to everything and when it boils down to it how many of those ‘negatives’ are trivial? So in the spirit of the watering year I’m going to give it a go, I’ll also try the gratitude exercise in the morning to see how that goes.

be grateful


Do you have any gratitude rituals? What do you think about dealing with positive & negative thoughts? I’d love to know.

M x



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