[there’s inspiration for you]

Meanwhile, I thought I better report in on how last week’s change went – Change 16 – Eat more Veggies!

Well, as I said last week, I thought I kind of had this one covered….until I took a serious look at how many veggies I was eating on a daily basis. It was some but not quite the 5 plus a day.

5plus a day


So I added, I made sure I had a couple at each lunch or dinner. Things went a bit haywire over the weekend (sounds familiar) and the promised new veggie dish never eventuated. However, I am cooking for my delightful vegetarian friend tonight so that will take care of that.

So all in all I’m going to say Change 16 – Eat more veggies = mixed success. And I’m ok with that.

i'm ok


I’m still collecting awesome vegetarian dishes if you have any to offer.

Happy hump day y’all. Stay tuned for more change updates and retrospectives, with a dash of fun watering things to do.

M x


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