Well its Friday and the vegetables….are still growing.



So Change 16 has not been a huge success so far. I have had at least two serves of veggies with each lunch and dinner (well maybe not tonight….a double helping of beer battered fries with cheese & bacon…a double helping of potato’s?). I’m thinking Sunday night is shaping up well for a vegetable cook-a-thon which will set me up well for next week’s meals.

cooking mess


Meanwhile, in the vein of my Change Retrospective I’ve gotten back into meditating. Turns out two minutes goes by really quickly. So I’m looking to hold onto that change.

What have you been watering this week and what’s on for the weekend?

It’s sport and socialising again for me…I’ve got another rowing regatta tomorrow and birthday parties. I might embark on a bit of crafting on Sunday.

rowingbirthday candlescraft suppliestree

Meanwhile there are a couple of things that have caught my eye and tie in with the watering philosophy of getting out there and doing the things that you admire & aspire to.

Something i want to learn – jazz @ laneway learning:

jazz man

Something i want to make – any thing from these books:

craft book collage

Something i want to do – tram sessions:

tram session

Happy watering everyone and remember….

grass is greener when you water it

M x


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