Change Retrospective

back to the future


Hello! How’s your week going? For me Change 16 – Eat more veggies – has had mixed progress so far. I haven’t whipped up a new vegetable dish yet but I have had at least two vegetables with each lunch and dinner I’ve had, so I figure I’m heading in the right direction!

heading in the right direction


Meanwhile for this week’s hump-day I thought I’d revisit one of the earlier changes, in fact Change 1! Why? Well I started this blog at Change 12 so I thought you might be curious about how the earlier ones went. And what better place than at the very beginning…



Change 1 was: Meditating!



According to Leomeditating is a way to practice mindfulness and when you’re more mindful, you are living in the present. You’re more aware of your body, your thoughts, your emotional reactions, the people you’re interacting with. You are less stressed, and more at peace. You are present in anything you do. Wow – who wouldn’t want a bit of that?

live in the present

{and with meditation I might get back to the present}


There are many different ways to meditate, so there is no need to be put off thinking it is some crazy thing requiring hours of devotion on some wilderness location as I used to think. You can actually start small and simple, do it anywhere and it will have big pay offs no matter how small the commitment. So how to do this…


[and you’re meditating]

In the vein of starting small Leo recommended committing just 2 minutes each day. Pick a time and a trigger (e.g. after your morning coffee, as soon as you wake up, after you brush your teeth etc.). Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably and then just focus on your breath. When you notice your mind wandering from the breath, just notice that, and gently bring your focus back to your breath. Rinse and repeat. And really, that’s it. You’re meditating!

Wala 04  Pic. Supplied CC031326

{ta da you’re meditating!}

So start with 2 minutes, expand to 5 minutes if it feels good or just stay with 2 minutes. And stick with it on a daily basis for as long as you find it useful. “If you drop it for any reason, pick it up again later.”

Well that last point is useful for me as, it dropped out of my daily routine. What with stretching when I get up, doing exercise and getting to work before midday I didn’t get the trigger quite right and the 2 minutes didn’t happen. Which is a shame as I feel so much better when I do it, more headspace and calmer.


[they look calm]

So Change 1 – Meditate : is back on the list. I’m going to experiment with different triggers and times of the day.

How do you keep your mind clear, do you meditate?

Happy mid-watering week y’all and all our love & thoughts to those in Boston as well as the many other parts of the world dealing with the uncertainties of conflict.

M x


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