Change 16 – Attack of the vegetables!

hello monday


Hello, Happy Monday! How was your weekend? What were you watering?

What did I water? Well, old sporting aspirations for one. In the vein of the saying ‘you regret things you haven’t done more than the things you have’ I’ve started rowing again. It turns out once you’re over 27 you are eligible to row masters. I  thought I was a few years (decades) off doing anything in the sporting class of ‘masters’ (master’s as in an older age bracket not as in I’m amazingly legendary at this) but it turns out I was wrong.

old man row boat



Also, they handicap races based on your age – and we were a relatively young crew (even though most of us are in our thirties) it meant we spent many many many seconds waiting at the start line while others were racing towards the finish line. It was a good experience though and I’m pleased I gave it a go, another regatta next weekend so we’ll see what that brings.

rowing medal old



I also watered friendships with a birthday celebration and my own resilience with a bit of down time since it was the first weekend I’ve spent in Melbourne in a while. A delightfully relaxed brunch and wine or two on Sunday afternoon was just what the doctor ordered.

So its a new week which means a new change, and we’re up to Change 16 on Leo’s 52 Changes for 2013 which is: Eat some veggies.

vegetables attack


Well initially I scoffed at this change, as I feel I eat a relatively balance diet, don’t have any major issues with vegetables, in fact I quite enjoy eating them. Heck, i walk around the office snacking on a carrot all the time. This change is advocated on the basis of the huge nutritional benefits that come from regular intake of a wide variety of vegetables on a daily basis.

carrot snack

[He’s got the idea’]

If I paused to think about it, I think my perceptions of my veggie intake could be out. I definitely haven’t consistently had my 5 plus a day for a while.



So with this in mind in intend to make a new vegetable-based dish this week (that isn’t soup) as well as add a vegetable to every lunch and dinner meal I have in line with Leo’s recommendations. I might also make a veggie soup for good measure!

How do you go with getting sufficient vegetable intake and do you  have any favourite (veggie) dishes?

Stay tuned for a progress report during the week and a change retrospective to revisit one of the earlier changes

M x

happy squash {happy sideways squash}


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