Friday again old friend!


Friday, so soon. Don’t get the wrong idea, I love that you’ve rolled round again, it’s just that you’ve arrived so soon. What a lovely week it has been so far – and still two very important days to come!

It’s been quite a watering week so far. There was the nerdy high of getting a bit more financially sorted with my budget. Sharing the love and gathering a posse. Which brought out support from peeps…. And last nights fun of Guru Dudu’s silent disco walking tour of Melbourne (man that is a mouthful).


we were like this but cooler if that’s possible

Guru Dudu….was so liberating to cut loose for a while, dance about with friends and strangers, and not worry so much about maintaining the appearance of cool. As soon as we put on those headphones and the tunes started pumping we all started bopping about and having a ball, forgetting that we were in the middle of Melbourne at peak hour and singing “hey sexy lady” at the top of our voices! It definitely opened the ‘laughter meridians’ and I highly recommend it! I’m hoping they’re still running sessions when my mum is over as I’m sure she’d love it. Keep an eye out for Guru Dudu coming to a public space near you!



Meanwhile, I had intended to share weekend watering events today but on a lovely stroll to work this week I came across this podcast. Israel loves Iran. About normal people doing above-normal (yes I know the word is abnormal) cool stuff. I don’t pretend to know the in’s and out’s of the Israel – Iran conflict, or what it is to live in a middle eastern country – but this podcast really struck a chord.

iranians we love you


It gave me insight into the lives and issues of people on the other side of the globe. A beautiful story of people being decent people and trying to connect. A guy creating a poster to challenge the view of conflict between two countries. It went viral with people sending him photo’s across cultural and country borders so they too could have posters made and saymy friend in another country that I’ve never met, I don’t hate you and I don’t want to go to war with you. Powerful stuff. And don’t we need a bit of that when every other news item is about people being jerks to people.

peace factory statement     peace factory mission peace factory strategy     peace factory tactic

 It spawned into a non-profit organisation The Peace Factory promoting peace in the middle east by connecting people.  So while I ponder ways I can lift above and do above-normal things, I encourage you to watch this clip – 14 minutes of your life well spent. You can also get on board through facebook here and here.

Meanwhile, what’s inspired you this week?

Here’s to an inspiring weekend, see you next week for change 16!

M x

dog silent disco[anyone can do it]


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