Thursday Fun Day!

lets have fun


So the watering year has been feeling a bit serious of late what with spreadsheet budgets and reducing debt. But there’s more to watering than following a structured list of changes. So I thought I’d take a day out to focus on FUN!

For me, watering my side of the fence, is about doing fun stuff, adventures, discovery as well as extending myself along the lines of Leo’s 52 changes.

And with this in mind I’m off to Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tour of Melbourne! It sounds hilarious, and according to my friend that has done it, life changing. Who wouldn’t love a bit of spontaneous Flash Mob dancing, interpretative dance around local landmarks and hilarious commentary to open the ‘laughter meridians’?

guru dudu


Meanwhile Bea, always a source of inspiration for fun activities, has been highlighting a few must-do’s for autumn in Melbourne.

On the learning side there is this new group in Melbourne which looks super cool, offering cheap and informal courses on most anything, and there is beer, food and coffee! I cant wait to sign up. On a similar wavelength these guys are also doing cool things. And there are similar groups in different parts of the world so get googling!

Or maybe cooking up a storm is your inspiration, see the brilliant my square frying pan for ideas.

Meanwhile, I would still like to get into surfing (wrong time of year now), mountain-biking, more creative & crafting pursuits as well as some volunteering. One thing at a time though – I think Guru Dudu will keep me out of mischief this week!

What adventurous or fun aspects of your life are you watering this week? M x

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