Gathering a posse

hello sunshine


Hello sunshine’s how are we this hump day? I think I’m still basking in a bit of self satisfaction that I’ve got a budget up and running, and a day in, I’m tracking well – it’s helping me be more mindful of my spending and what I’m heading towards.

Anyway that was so Change 14, and we’re in week 15 of 2013 which means its time for:

Change 15 – Create a support crew

I’m renaming this Change 15 – Get a posse – cause it sounds cooler right? Or maybe not but I’m sticking with it!


I wouldn’t want to mess with these guys

Incidentally did you know that according the hallowed source of true and accurate information – wikipedia – that a posse  derives from Posse comitatus (common law) and refers to a group of men assembled to assist in law enforcement. Sounds a bit serious and gender-specific for what I was thinking of though it has a nice ring to it and I figure it’s a close enough term for having a group of people to help, support you and keep you accountable [and take you out for bubbles when all else fails!].


a posse may come in many forms

So Change 15. It’s about identifying and getting some peep’s in your corner to support you in the changes you want to make, cheer you on and help you be accountable.


you can do it!

Leo suggests starting conversations with the important people around you – partner, friends, parents, children, close co-workers. Start explaining what you’ve been doing, why and why it’s important to you. Tell them you could really use their support, ask for their help.

He also suggests joining an online community to find other people who are making the same changes (a blog called the watering year maybe?) or finding people in your town, maybe part of a club or associated with some of the changes you are looking to make. His examples were running events, gyms, climbing walls, hiking trails, participating in things like writing month or festivals (like the comedy festival for any inspiring comics in Melbourne?). As he says, passion and change are contagious so find the people who are doing the stuff you want to do and surround yourselves with them. Please no stalking though!



So what am I doing to make this change? Well you’re already helping me, you see this blog was my attempt to make myself accountable for trying Leo’s 52 changes, living my commandments and exploring what it means to water my side of the fence in 2013. My dear friend and blogging inspiration Bea of the Google Year helps keep me accountable asking where the blog is at and how my change is going. And a couple of friends are super supportive. However, I must admit I’ve been a bit shy about broadcasting it widely, I’m afraid of ridicule or looking a bit silly or a bit self- involved. Maybe I need to put my big girl pants on, trust my friends and loved ones and share it with them.

you can do it

So my challenge for this week is to share a bit more with my close peeps, suck up the worry they’ll think I’m an idiot and look for particular peep’s or groups to help me with specific resolutions or changes. What do you think? Do you have a posse?



M x


2 thoughts on “Gathering a posse

  1. Hit me! To help you on your way, once of my fav quotes since I am currently on the road less travelled … ” Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didnt do then the things you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.Dream.Discover” Gill xx

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