Hello long weekend!


And I had almost forgotten that it is Easter, which means eggs! …and an important occasion if you’re religiously inclined. So whatever your inclination, happy Easter! What are you up to?

I myself will be taking a trip down memory lane to Port Campbell with some of my best & longest serving Australian friends. We used to camp each year down PC a long time ago, this year we’re staying in a big beautiful house & we have two new 4 month old friends in the crew!


Isn’t life a special thing full of surprises. It’s really special to have a group of friends with you on the way sharing your history & creating memories (like pretending we were asleep in the tent so the boys would go out & fix it in the middle of the night or jumping off the pier at midnight in freezing temperatures).


So this Easter I’m watering my old friendships & my reserves by having down time on the coast. I’m also facing my FOMO head on by being out of Melbourne & missing out on parties, brunches & winery day trips that my city besties are organising. But alas there will be other parties, brunches & wine trips.

Reporting in on Change 13 – Mindful Exercise – I’m calling in on it now, as I’m reporting M.I.A for the rest of week. I like this one but I find it quite a challenge to remember to do it, when I am exercising, even to take the calming breath at the start to get a bit more grounded and in touch, less in my head. But its good when I do. So somehow I need to figure out my trigger – Leo is all about having a trigger as a way to get a new habit. For example, doing something at the same time of day (totally unrealistic for me) or after a particular event (e.g. getting out of bed, after your morning coffee etc) or next to something (e.g. my floss lives next to my toothbrush – yes brain science). And with that in mind, I’m going to keep practising triggers to see what works for this and as such I’m rating this change:

Change 13 – Mindful Exercise = Keep practicing



Next week more watering, we’ve got Change 14 – Budget Simply- perfect given my recent financial planning episode with Change 12 (Pay a Small Debt). As well as a retrospective on some of the earlier changes. And yep I’m going to work on a tally on how I’m going on these changes and generally making the blog site a bit more user friendly. But one thing at a time with small steps.

So happy easter everyone, what are you watering and how are you going as we change seasons – is the year turning out as you’d hope? What do you want for your Autumn?

M x


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