New change….Mindful Exercise



Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes. So we’re up to Change 13, following Leo’s 52 changes for 2013. Which means its week 13 of 2013, which means that we’re a quarter into the year, holy heck how’d that happen? How’s yours been going so far? I started off with a strong dose of the January optimisms, that carried through to a busy Feb then I’ve hit March and a bit of a lull, perhaps changing seasons, saying sayonara to summer and hello autumn. Anybody else?



I think there has been a bit too much candle burning and not enough down time, which links to yesterdays realisation that I might actually have to miss out on some things and say No occasionally (rocket science). As well as this weeks Change – Mindful exercise.



Exercise has gone by the wayside over the past couple of weeks and my body is feeling it, I’ve aches and pains everywhere and walk like someone 3 times my age. Not ideal. So this change will help get it back on the radar.



Mindful exercise as per Leo is about taking a (mindful)breath before you start exercising, notice that breath then notice how your body feels, and your thoughts throughout the process. And the best part, it only needs to be for 2 minutes of your day. One yoga pose or one strength training exercise or a lap around the block. So its a bit more achievable and gets you moving and mindful if you’ve lapsed like me. Or a shorter time to concentrate if you’re already pounding the pavements for hours on end.



I tried it this morning as I did yoga stretches at home before work, and it helped me notice which parts of my body hurt and notice when they had released. Helping me to judge better how long to hold my stretches for. And the breathing helped calm me and not fly through at speed. I did however do a yoga class tonight and totally forgot. So I’ll wonder how I go with practicing this change tomorrow when I hit the pool…



Do you practice mindfulness? How do you go? Do you remember often?

Progress update on Friday!

M x


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