Hi there Monday



And hello to you. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low key, some lovely friend time and a bit of me time, including yoga which my body thanked me for. And more importantly, after yoga I took myself out to brunch, and with Change 12 – Pay a small debt – in mind, I sat down with pen and paper and looked at my finances. eek!



Starting with a good look at what some of my (financial) goals were…owning my own home and overseas trips (not paid for by debt) don’t seem to be popping up in my mailbox lately. Yet those are things I would like to have in my life, along with paying off my credit card and being solidly financially independent and savvy. I’ve realised that I have been keeping my head in the sand far too long and hoping it would all just happen…maybe tomorrow…without effort or sacrifice. Hmm not sounding so realistic.



So I followed through with Leo’s step’s for Change 12 and did the sums on how much it would take each fortnight to reach those goals by certain dates. I used the trusty calculator and figured out how much more I need to be putting on my credit card to get it paid off by June, while still building my savings for travel and a home one day. Thus meeting Change 12 – Pay a Small Debt.



I think there will be a few tricks to making this work. Not putting anything extra on my credit card (or paying it off within the month if I do) and not transferring money back out of my savings accounts. Obvious though requires discipline.

What I’m foreseeing as being the hardest part of keeping this plan happening, will be saying….No. I’ve got great friends and a pretty darn cool life in Melbourne. There are always things on, places to go, people to see and an endless array of fantastic eateries & bars to visit (I wouldn’t want them to go out of business from lack of patronage!). But the reality is that if I want to meet those other goals and get this credit card debt down, then I’m going to have to be a bit selective, make choices and say no to things. Yes, missing out. Just typing that hurts. The FOMO* in me is strong.

smart guy saying no

[yeah well its not that easy!]

imsayingno on the inside

[even that could be a push] 


[I’ll aim for this]

I’m sure saying No a bit more often will have spin offs for my sleep bank and well-being. But I find it hard as I know most people do. And that flows through to other parts of my life, such a basic word but such barriers to putting it in practice. So what will I do? Give it a red hot go of course! That’s what the watering year is about. And to keep it a bit more front of mind I’m keeping a No Tally. So far, no points. But I’ve only just started! Any tricks you have to saying No?

So I’m saying Change 12 – Pay a Small Debt = Done (with ongoing work to keep it that way).

And that brings me to the new change for the week: Change 13 = Mindful Exercise. More about that tomorrow, I’ll let you absorb how awesomely financially organised I’ve been over the weekend first!

And also to contemplate what parts of your life will you be watering this week? I’d love to hear.

M x

*FOMO = ridiculous but apt acronym for Fear Of Missing Out




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