Doing the sums on Friday!

Money being placed in piggy bank

Hello there, how’s your week going, excited about the weekend ahead and relieved about the week gone by?

For anyone new to the watering year – it’s about focusing on your own patch of grass rather than over the fence, in line with the motto ‘the grass is greener when you water it!’

green grass


And what does watering the grass look like? Well it depends on what changes you want to make to your life, dreams  you want to realise, things that nurture you that you want to make a bigger part if your daily life.

For me it relates to my list of commandments for 2013 (see ‘about’) that capture how I want to be as a person, and centrally, Leo’s 52 changes. I’m giving them a go one change a week. And at the moment I’m up to Change 12 – pay a small debt.

money target

Leo is all about small steps to make habits and change achievable. And true to form this one started that way, the first few days being listing your debts, figuring the sums & picking the smallest to start on.

For me this was relatively straight forward and it is my credit card that is in the debt firing line. However, the next step of figuring all my bills & how much additional I can spare to put on it is where I’m coming slightly unstuck.

I think it relates to my habit of turning small tasks into big ones, thinking they need all the bells and whistles, ultimate levels of comprehensiveness, simple turns to complex. It relates to my all or nothing habit with a touch of perfectionism thrown in – I don’t think I’m the only one that does this?



Anyway, I digress, I also think my difficulty relates to avoiding facing up to how much I spend each week catching up with friends over coffees, meals & Melbourne bars – I call it “connecting”.

girls catching up in paris


Which time and time again is shown to be essential to our mental, emotional & even physical well-being (I could be making the last one up but I think it follows). And the bottom line is I’m really reluctant to trade off those moments for my credit card.



My resistance to the trade-off makes me think about how important getting that debt down is to me but also really the magnitude of the task (which in reality isn’t much). So following Leo’s philosophy of small changes and more grey thinking (than black and white, all or nothing thinking), I’m thinking about identifying small adjustments I make so I can put a bit more towards the credit card, even another $2 on top of what I do currently.

SOME (small) progress is MORE than none!

Because in reality having a credit card always at its (small) limit is restrictive & unnecessary. And doesn’t match with the financially independent and savvy, taking charge gal I aspire to. So to start I am going to actually sit down with paper & pen, list my outgoings for this fortnight & suss how much extra I can put on my card without turning into a fasting hermit. I’m psyching up to cut a couple of coffees out of the daily work habit next week and think about whether putting so much into savings when I have this outstanding debt is sensible.

So I’ll report back next week on how I go with this and unveil what Change 13 holds!

Have a great (debt-downsizing) weekend y’all!

M x


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