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How did your weekend fare? Mine was a relaxing delight, enjoying marathon dvd sessions with friends, the sound of rain and the bliss of cooler temperatures. Scrolling through the joy that is free programming online, sbs has some absolute jem’s including an interview with the crazy talented guy behind The Beasts of the Southern Wilds, the independent group of film-makers he co-founded and his earlier short film Glory at Sea – I highly recommend a watch.

And how about continuing my changes through the weekend….not so much. A big friday night with the girls then I was all out of whack. So flossing fri through sunday, no (because Friday is essentially the weekend right?). So keeping my changes going through the weekend is still a challenge for me, how to keep the changes going without the structure and semi-routine of the Monday to Friday work week. But on another track, a weekend is only two days, so why do I feel that if I don’t keep up with the changes on those two days, then the rest didn’t count and I carry on, berating myself as if the wheels have totally fallen off? Total over-reaction much? Anyone else feel this way?  



I think it may have something to do with a little thing called All or Nothing thinking, which I’m a bit of a sucker for (see this lady for some insights on recognising and getting more ‘grey’).


[via this place]

So with that in mind, on the whole, I’m going to say that this change was successful, and a keeper, yes.

Change 11 = keep

So onto week 12 and a new change – Change 12 – pay a small debt. Drawing from Leo’s book of 52 changes, this one is about pretty much what it sounds like, getting a handle on your debts and making baby steps towards getting them a bit more in control. With the benefit feeling freer and less financially stressed.

Having paid off my student loan last year (thanks for the encouragement mum!) and being a renter > home-owner my debts are fairly small thankfully. Though I do owe a friend money for concert tickets and that wonderful device, my credit card, never seems to get too far below the maximum. At the same time as I paid off my student loan I also reduced the limit substantially so I couldn’t get myself into too much trouble (thanks for the encouragement on that one too mum). But alas, it gets filled up pretty quick and I find myself in the situation of transferring money onto it just so I can make another purchase. Hmmm doesn’t seem so logical in print.Image

With that in mind, I think this change will be good. Day 1 is about listing all your debts – not even the amounts, or even worrying about getting it complete, just starting and listing as much as you can think of. Love leo for starting small. So i’m getting pen to paper.

Happy week!

M x


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