Well helloooo there, it’s almost friday again!

red bull flying bach

So its Friday so soon and nay an update since last time, well what can I say, it was a long weekend spent watering at a music festival with recovery and intense days in the office since. However I did manage a bit of watering my cultural side with a visit to see red bull dance Bach to the well tempered clavier (amazing) and a spot of pub trivia for my flatmate’s birthday on Tuesday… fake elvis was great and alas we didn’t come completely last!

So how was your long (or not) weekend or week thus far?

Delay’s aside the watering and changes have continued. This is week 11. So before the new change, how did I end up with – Change 10 – Daily yoga or strength training? Well, on the whole, pretty good. It helped that my yogi friend Bea drew me up a new yoga program and I do the odd press-up on the bath tub as the shower heats up. So a keeper? I reckon, in an incidental way. It helps me limber up, keep my mind and body moving and also bring a bit of zen to my day. And you know what, I notice the difference when I don’t do it (like after a weekend camping and a few days recovering from a long weekend with no stretching) I feel like a cross between quasimodo and something that doesn’t bend at all. So change 10 = keep!

Image   Image

Comfy no?

And speaking of changes, you know what, I’m a bit of a Monday to Friday change merchant. They tend to go out the window a little on the weekend as I get distracted by other things. Then I feel a bit annoyed at myself and like the rest of the week of practicing change didn’t count. So, it’s something I’m  going to work on. Anyone else?

So, alas I have diverged. Change 11 – and yes, we’re still in week 11 so its still relevant, even though its pretty much Friday. And what is – Change 11 – Flossing!


[well i’m not sold on it being fun, but necessary perhaps]

Sounds easy and straight forward, basic hygiene right? Well, I never quite get there…washing my face, brushing my teeth, removing my contact lenses, sheesh who then has the stamina to then floss your teeth when really you just want to get to bed? Well good ‘ol Leo makes some compelling arguments for flossing, i.e. hygiene and the like, so I’m giving it a (daily) go. And in line with Leo’s mantra of starting small (he suggests even starting with just one tooth a day to get the habit happening) I’ve started!


The bottom set one night, the top the next and the bottom again today. I almost couldn’t be bothered but then I thought, well I’ll just do a couple of teeth, before you know it I’d done the top or bottom set and I thought that was enough, in fact, I was pretty pleased with myself!

SOME is MORE than none !

And it seems more manageable so let’s see how I go as the week progresses & I’m going to try keep this one happening over the weekend!

And with that, Happy Friday y’all & Happy St Paddy’s day for Sunday! What are you watering?

 paladin_greener_grass +  watering can icon

M x


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