Hello World!

So here I am, blogging. What’s this watering year all about?

Well driving around NZ during Christmas holidays with one of my bestie’s, lets call her ‘S-wise’, conversation inevitably led to reflection of the year that was and our hopes, dreams, wishes and whims for 2013. S-wise bolsters & inspires me, and during our conversation she passed on the comment that ‘the grass is greener when you water it’.

water your own grass

I love it! It totally resonates with me. I love that it is empowering about making your life what you want it to be & getting out of the comparison trap.





And 2013 is going to rule, it’s going to be an awesome year & everyone I come across is of the same opinion. So this blog is about spending my year watering my grass instead of looking over the fence. Inspired by my friend bea I thought I’d blog about it.


Thinking about not just what I want to do but who I want to be in 2013 and borrowing from Gretchen I wrote my list of commandments:


And in terms of actions I’m borrowing from Leo’s 52 changes. He has written a book on of 52 changes you can make towards a happier, more zen life. You can do a change a week or a month depending on what suits you. On the philosophy of making small changes, experimenting and finding what works for you. Sounds good right? So I’ll be writing each week on what the change is, how I go & what I learn along the way. And random observations here and there.

In the spirit if the new year & inspiring peeps I’ve made a list of resolutions (watch this space). I thought blogging would keep me honest & give me structure to achieving them. Overdoing it a bit much? Probably but why not give it a go!

So yep it’s already week 10 of the marvelous watering year so there is some catching up to do reporting on changes thus far.

– Change 10 – is ‘Yoga or strength training’. The aim is starting with 2 minutes a day. And thanks to a weekend with my yogi friend B who gave me a new yoga program, I’m well on top of this one. It’s helping stretch out and get a bit zen in the morning. I’m also doing some ‘bathtub training’ in the morning: press ups on the side of the bath, tricep push ups on the edge of the bathroom counter and wall squats while I brush my teeth. Not pretty but hey, its something!

Nice to meet you, I’d love to know what you think & your hopes, plans & changes for 2013!

change ahead

M x


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